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  1. Collecting Doctors

    This year at Dragon Con I had a fabulous time collecting Doctors. Mostly Doctor Who(s), but also enjoyed grabbing pics and getting to know Dr. Girlfriend(s), Dr. Mrs. the Monarch(s), Dr. Orpheus(s), Dr. Venture(s), and a few Dr. Horrible(s). My Dalek pals and I captured quite a few Saturday (and a few on Friday too when I was inĀ  disguise.) But Sunday was the big score, not only the Venture panel and party, but with some numbers exchanged and tweets sent, we amassed a giant Who crew Sunday night at the Pulse Bar for a photo op w McCoy. I really wanted to get a group shot, and thats what he originally agreed to, but he didn’t want to leave the bar so we did smaller group and individual pictures. All in all it was great and I cant wait to do it again. :D

    So prepare for the onslaught of Doctors and Daleks!

    PS. the Dr. Horrible from the Villain’s Ball who was looking for me, sorry we missed each other, there’s always email. See ya next year?